Strap on plate carrier -10


Polyamide fabric, polyester mesh & polyamide webbing

960 g

One size

Fits in:
Front, back and side plates, all pouches, holsters, magazines, radio, pistol etc and many other things

Fits on:
On the upper body


This plate carrier sits very comfortable and tight on your body.

Adjust it to your size, put on and pull the 4 strings to make it sit tight.
Compartments for ceramic plates on the front, sides and back
MOLLE/PALS webbing on the front and sides
9 tight pouches with elastic loop holder for all different 5,56 or 7,62 mm magazines or radios. Even your pistol with a lamp can be carried in them.
Small compartments for cleaning kits, cyalumes etc. on the inside of the strap on.
Padded shoulders with cable channels and elastic loops for antennas